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Ahmad Jamal - Saturday Morning - 2013 New Album
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New album September 2013 to be released on JazzVillage
Album recorded & produced at La Buissonne Studio.

Following on from Blue Moon, Ahmad Jamal and his dream team are back with a joyful album made up of the kind of ballads to which only he holds the key. Each one is a moment of grace, shining like a star in the sky of American Classical Music -- it also features one wonderful Duke Ellington cover and a tribute to Horace Silver. With his light-fingered but rhythmic style, he sends us into a sensuous trance and leads us to a musical climax: a sound, which is pure groove.

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Ahmad's Latest: Saturday Morning

The Entire "Saturday Morning"
Deluxe Edition Album
is available on iTunes

"Saturday Morning" Album
is available on iTunes

"Saturday Morning" Album
is available on Amazon.com

Dear Spotify Users (but not the continental US), we are very happy to announce that @Ahmad Jamal's new album is already available in your countries via @Spotify!
(available 9/10/1013)


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